Access to file Userdata.xml denied

The following error message is received while updating user configurations settings: "Access to UserData.xml is denied"


The service account does not have privileges to modify the file. The file on the server is set to read-only.


Ensure that the IIS_IUSRS account has read and write permissions on the UserData.xml file.

Assign Privileges to the File

  1. In your PSFO install directory, locate the file UserData.xml under the DataService\Configuration folder.
  2. Right-click UserData.xml and select Properties.

The Properties window opens.

  1. Click the Security tab.

The current security settings are displayed.

  1. Click Edit.

A new window opens.

  1. Select IIS_IUSRS from the list of users.
  2. In the Permissions for Authenticated users box, assign Read and Write permissions.
  3. Click OK.