Issue with printing to large format paper

When you try to print to large format paper (A3) the result is printed as letter size.


Silverlight suggests letter size as the original document size.


You need to override Silverlight's setting within the Print Menu by following the steps below.

Note: the steps below will not be identical for all printers.

Print to large format paper

  1. Ensure you have the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer installed (Start->All Programs->Internet Explorer (64-bit).
  2. Navigate to the object you wish to print and click .

    The printing preferences window opens.
  3. Select Other Size for the paper type.

    The Paper Size window opens.

  1. Ensure that the Original Document Size as well as the Output Paper Size are the desired size i.e. A3.

Note: When you select a different Original Document Size, you may receive a warning similar to the one below:

  1. Click OK.
  2. Print normally.