Export Errors

When you try to preview a log or export a zip file, you receive one of the following error messages:

When you try to export files from the File window, you receive an error message stating The Service returned an invalid URL!


When the administrator entered the Oracle server information for that project in ProSource Front Office, the entry did not match the entry in ProSource Logs.  


Contact your Administrator. The administrator must change the ProSource Front Office entry or the ProSource Logs entry so both entries are the same.

Administrator Resolution Information

When attempting to preview a log or export data to a zip file, the JDBC connection defined in ProSource Front Office (as shown in the following figure) is compared to the entry in ProSource Logs.

In order to optimize database access using connection pooling, the PSL web service compares the database connection information provided by ProSource Front Office with the entry in this file:



    <!-- url value is "jdbc:oracle:thin:@SERVER-NAME:PORT:INSTANCE-NAME(SID)" -->
    <DataSourceSetting name="url" value="jdbc:oracle:thin:@pswebldb01:1521:pswebldb01"/>

Ensure that the parameter entered in ProSource Front Office matches the entry in the PSL configuration.