Performance Issues

ProSource Front Office does not behave as expected. Issues are random and hard to reproduce.


Silverlight storage is retaining previous settings.


Clear the Silverlight storage.

Caution: Clearing the Silverlight storage also clears your ProSource Front Office settings. For example, the next time you open ProSource Front Office, all of the windows will be closed and all search history will be gone.

Clear the Silverlight Storage

  1. Logout of the ProSource Front Office application and close your Web browser.
  2. Select Start > Programs > Microsoft Silverlight > Microsoft Silverlight.

    The Microsoft Silverlight Configuration dialog box opens.
  3. Select the Application Storage tab.
  4. Click Delete all.

    The Microsoft Silverlight confirmation dialog box opens.
  5. Click Yes.

    The Silverlight storage is cleared.
  6. Click OK.

    The Microsoft Silverlight Configuration dialog box closes.
  7. Launch ProSource Front Office.