Allowing Users to Publish More than 500 Items

User selected more than 500 items in the Grid View and tried to publish them to the Filter Breadcrumbs Trail.


The default limit is 500.


The following options are available:

Change the Publish Limit

  1. Using a text editor, open the ServiceSettings.config file that is located on the server in the DataService directory.
  1. In the <appSetting> section, locate the following line:

    <add key="MaxPublishedRecords" value="500"/>
  2. Change 500 to a number less than 1001.

Note: If you enter an invalid value or you save the file with the value missing, the default value of 100 is used. If you enter a number larger than 1000, the limit of 1000 is used.

  1. Save and close the file.
  2. Restart the IIS Server.

Note: The user will need to refresh the browser to pick up the change.